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Proposing a Marker

Is there a significant piece of history in your community that you would like to commemorate with a historic marker? Individuals, public agencies or private organizations are encouraged to nominate historic properties, persons, and events of significance on a local, state, or national level for the Ohio Historical Marker Program. Nominations should address at least one important aspect of Ohio's historical, natural, or physical development in one of the following areas: history, architecture, culture, archaeology, ethnic associations, natural history and folklore.

The Ohio Historical Society administers the Ohio Historical Markers Program, and the Historical Markers Coordinator manages and oversees applications to the program. Applications are required for all official Ohio Historical Markers. If the application is successful, Ohio Historical Society staff members help to verify historical accuracy and edit the texts. All parties go to great lengths to ensure that the texts are accurate and markers are deemed to be as accurate as possible at the time of production. Ultimately, however, accuracy rests with the partners and sponsors.

Please read the following criteria before completing an application for an Ohio Historical Marker.

(Marker Application Guidelines), (Marker Application Form), (Historical Marker Grant Program)

For cost information please see our price list.

(Marker Price List)

What are the Criteria for a Historic Marker?

All marker subjects must meet at least one of the following criteria of significance in order to be eligible for an official site marker. They must:

  • Be associated with events that have made a significant contribution to broad patterns of history.
  • Be associated with persons no longer living who have made significant contributions to patterns of history and culture.
  • Embody the distinctive characteristics of a type, style, period, method of construction, architecture, or represent the work of a master.
  • Yield, or be likely to yield, information important in prehistory or history.
  • Be associated with ethnic groups who have made distinctive and significant contributions to history.
  • Embody characteristics of the state representing significant aspects of the physical or natural history of the earth and its life.
  • Represent popular stories or myths that, although not verifiable, are significant to history and culture.